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Green Dot MoneyPak

Expand Your Sales to a New Customer Demographic

Reach an untapped market with Green Dot MoneyPakGreen Dot MoneyPak® is a prepaid payment method that allows consumers to turn physical cash into electronic cash to spend online or over the telephone. Green Dot MoneyPak is sold in major drugstores and retailers nationwide. Now you can offer your cash-preferring or security-conscious customers a safe, convenient payment method that fits their lifestyle. Unlike other payment methods, there is no need for customer account approval, banking relationships, personal information sharing or credit checks.

How Green Dot MoneyPak Benefits You

  • Reach an untapped market - Green Dot MoneyPak appeals to a cash-preferring market of more than 80 million consumers - and 95% of them can access a Green Dot MoneyPak retailer within two miles of their home or workplace.
  • Increase sales - The cash market has $1 trillion in annual purchasing power and are active Internet users.
  • Decrease costs - Green Dot MoneyPak transactions have a lower cost than credit cards, reducing your total cost of payment acceptance.
  • Reduce risk - You get guaranteed payment of your Green Dot MoneyPak transactions and eliminate chargebacks.
  • Streamline your operations - Green Dot MoneyPak transactions are consolidated with all of your other payment processing, reporting and funding through a single interface.

How Green Dot MoneyPak works

Customers purchase the MoneyPak from a Green Dot retailer in any denomination, up to $1100. Once loaded, the customer can use the MoneyPak for online purchases. Your customer will simply select Green Dot MoneyPak as the payment method at checkout and enter the MoneyPak number. You submit the payment data to Chase Paymentech with your other transactions and receive consolidated funding and reporting.

Gain new customers and Lift Sales

Although the Green Dot MoneyPak may appeal to your existing security-conscious customers, the larger market opportunity is the ability to reach consumers who are not current customers. Green Dot MoneyPak allows you to tap into the cash-preferring marketplace and reach new consumer demographics - with limited risk and at an affordable cost.

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Green Dot MoneyPak® is a registered Trademark of Green Dot Corporation.