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Level II and Level III Card Processing

Do you accept business-to-business transactions including corporate, purchase and government cards? If yes, then you owe it to your company’s bottom line to ensure you are processing these business cards at the best interchange levels. Level II and Level III (also known as Data Rate 2 and Data Rate 3) are interchange categories designed by Visa® and MasterCard® to give qualified businesses a break on their interchange fees - sometimes as much as 100 basis points lower than non-Level II/III standard interchange rates.

Accept Purchase Cards with Chase Paymentech.
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If you don’t see “Data Rate 2”or “Data Rate 3” on your current merchant statement, the chances are very good that you are missing out on an opportunity to process for significantly less.

Chase Paymentech Can Help

Let Chase Paymentech perform a detailed review of your statements and show you how to start processing at Level II and III and qualify for lower rates. If you switch to Chase Paymentech, we'll even set you up with our proprietary Virtual Terminal at no cost! (Level II/III transactions require the use of specialized point of sale devices to qualify – Chase Paymentech’s Virtual Terminal is Level II/III ready).

Chase Paymentech makes it easy to process Level II and III transactions with our proprietary products:

  • Virtual Terminal – on the phone, mail or Fax
  • iTerminal® – in person (card present)
  • Orbital® Payment Gateway – recurring payments

You can learn more about Level II and III data capture requirements on our Purchasing Card page.

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