Merchant Services

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Credit Card Processor


Make sure the company is stable. Ask how long they’ve been processing payments. Chase Paymentech, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, has been in business for more than 25 years. We are a global leader in payment processing for businesses of all sizes. You work hard for your money… be sure to partner with a company you can trust will deliver.


Is your provider PCI compliant? Are you aware of the steps you, as a merchant, need to take to achieve and maintain PCI compliance? Chase Paymentech understands the importance of PCI compliance in today’s environment. Whether it’s keeping our internal systems compliant or guiding you on the steps you need to take to make sure your business is compliant, our dedicated Compliance Team at Chase Paymentech is there to help. With the possibility of fines or disruption to your business, this is one area you want to make sure you stay at the forefront. Visit to learn more today.


Find out the details of all fees associated with your account ahead of time. With over 200 interchange categories today and a wide range of surcharges, you have to know more than just your qualified rate. Be sure to do business with a company that will take the time to explain all your fees to you. Always focus on the “total cost of accepting credit cards.”


Make sure you understand your company’s statement before signing on. Chase Paymentech recently identified an issue in our industry as it related to merchant statements. Most were too difficult to understand, leaving customers wondering what their true “cost of acceptance” was. In an effort to correct this, Chase Paymentech surveyed thousands of our customers to help us design an easier to understand statement. With so many different fee categories in this industry, it pays to know exactly what you are being charged. What better way to identify than a simple-to-read statement. Ask your Chase Paymentech representative any questions you may have about statements. We are proud of our efforts and think you will appreciate our transparency.


Do you know who to call with questions about your merchant account? Most of us have experienced that friendly sales person who walked into our business and sold us on their product only to disappear immediately after the sale. Not at Chase Paymentech. Your dedicated representative is an employee of Chase Paymentech, fully trained on our customer service philosophy and our products. That person will assist you through the entire sales process. And, as your business grows or you need to add services, the same sales representative can assist you. Our Help Desk team is also available 24/7/365.

For additional information, call 800.708.3740 to speak with a Chase Paymentech Representative today or visit our online contact form.