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Apple Pay

Learn about Apple's Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions.

The New Way to Get Paid

Chase is excited
to support Apple Pay.

As a payment processor, we are participating in two different ways:

Apple Pay Video
  • For face-to-face sales - Our Future Proof Terminal accepts contactless payments, including Apple Pay's Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions. So you'll be able to accept Apple Pay payments in person. This is where one of your customers wants to use their phone to pay you by tapping it against the screen of your terminal or contactless reader. Learn more about NFC payments.

    If you're an existing Chase customer who wants to discuss upgrading to an NFC-capable terminal, complete this form to Add Services. If you're interested in learning more about Chase and how we can help you accept the latest in payments, contact Sales.

    New to Chase? Get a free Apple Pay terminal.

    Call 866.245.5290 or Click Here.

  • For in-app sales - We also have partnered with Apple to provide a payments SDK (software development kit), which includes all the code developers need to implement the Apple Pay digital wallet into mobile apps. This is where you (the merchant) have a mobile app for your customers to make purchases from. If you are already a Chase customer, you could have your developer implement the Apple Pay SDK in your mobile app and be ready to accept payments. Download the SDK.

If you want to accept payments in an iOS app, there are really two paths for you:

  • Have an app already? - Get your app developer to download the SDK and start working to integrate it into your existing app.
  • Want to build an app? - Find a developer. After you contract with a mobile app developer, we can help provide the SDK for the Apple Pay integration.