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Would you like to lower your cost of payment acceptance, improve retention and attract new customers? Then our powerful eCheck solution can help you do all that and more.

As a leader in the electronic check processing space, you can count on our experience and expertise to provide all your electronic payment processing needs. After all, we've been providing electronic check processing services in tandem with credit card processing for more than a decade.

Electronic Check Processing (ECP), or eCheck, directly debits and credits consumer and business bank accounts for payment of goods or services giving you all the convenience to accept payments at the point of sale, online, via mobile device and over the phone.

eCheck Benefits Your Business

  • Increase your revenue by serving consumers who don’t have or prefer not to use credit cards
  • Save money by accepting a payment method that is less expensive than paper checks or credit card processing
  • Easily manage recurring payments that increase customer lifetime value
  • Reduce lost sales and help prevent fraud through the use of real-time risk management tools
  • Decrease manual and paper-based check remittance operations, as well as streamline bank reconciliation and exceptions processing

eCheck Features

  • U.S. and Canadian currency
  • Single file submission of Electronic Check Processing transactions in the same file as your credit card transactions
  • Comprehensive reporting and online transaction history search tools
  • Real time validation service (checks validity of banking route number and other negative account information)
  • Deposit matching (we store account change information for you)
  • Advanced Verification service which can in real time verify the status of a bank account and verify the account owner and signatory on that account
  • Automatic re-presentment of insufficient funds and uncollected funds from ACH returns
  • E-commerce and Mail Order (WEB and TEL)
  • Business to Business ecommerce (CCD – Corporate Credit and Debit)
  • Signed written authorization (PPD – Prearranged Payment and Debit)
  • Electronically process your request through a facsimile draft when ACH processing is not possible*
  • Point of Purchase (POP) check conversion
  • Account Receivable check conversion (ARC)

*Restrictions may apply. Ask your Account Representative for more details

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