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Safetech Fraud Tools

No matter what your business, these days payment fraud is a factor. So how do you retain legitimate sales while preventing fraudulent transactions? Using proven fraud prevention strategies can help save both your reputation and your bottom line.

SafetechSM Fraud Tools are proven technologies that fully integrate with your payment processing, providing greater visibility into sophisticated fraud patterns. Advanced capabilities include proxy piercing and geolocation, which can pinpoint a transaction's origin in real time, and dynamic order linking, which can analyze orders for fraudulent characteristics.

Safetech Fraud Tools Features

  • Real-time and historical order comparisons and decision-making - eliminate the need for manual reviews.
  • Real-time information on both the physical location of the consumer and the computer or mobile device used to make the purchase.
  • Advanced transaction risk "scoring" - reduce rejection of "good" transactions, so less lost sales - and lost revenues.

Minimize lost sales and the costs of combating fraud

Safetech Fraud Tools can help your business minimize lost sales and the associated costs of combating fraud - including time-consuming manual transaction analysis.

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