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Future Proof Terminal

Your customers still want their lattes, haircuts, and tires, but the way they will be paying for them is changing. Before you know it, they will be bringing chip-enabled cards, smart phones loaded with mobile wallets and the desire to pay with a simple tap.

Introducing the Future Proof Terminal

With the Chase Paymentech Future Proof terminal, you can accept credit and debit cards as quickly and securely as you always have. The built-in technology helps to prepare your business to accept new payment types on the horizon.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Continue accepting debit and credit cards as usual
  • Helps fight fraud with the security of chip cards
  • Start accepting mobile wallet payments today
  • Speed up transactions with contactless payments

EMV or Chip Cards

Referred to by many different names, the chip-enabled payment card has successfully driven down face-to-face fraud around the world – and is now making its way into your customers’ wallets. With the Future Proof terminal you can accept chip cards and, because EMV technology makes the card virtually impossible to copy, significantly reducing the possibility of accepting counterfeit cards. To learn more about this new payment standard, read our white paper EMV: The New Way to Pay.

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Contactless Payments

Contactless readers enable customers to wave or tap their credit or debit cards at the point -of- sale, bypassing the need for signature. Behind the scenes, the RFID technology works just like a swipe – only quicker and easier for everyone. This means speedier checkouts for you and your customer.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are becoming a popular alternative to carrying debit and credit cards. Our Future Proof terminal allows your customers to pay with a simple wave of their smart phone at the point-of-sale using the mobile wallet of their choice. Plus, you will eventually be able to leverage this technology to offer digital coupons and loyalty programs to help increase store traffic and sales.

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*This offer is not available to existing Chase Paymentech customers. Receipt of free terminal is contingent upon the execution of a Merchant Application and Agreement with Chase Paymentech. Free terminal operates exclusively with Chase Paymentech's processing services. Early termination of the Merchant Agreement may require the repayment of all or a portion of the free terminal's value.

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