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Have questions about iTerminal®? Check out our short how-to videos, FAQs and reference guides, and get the answers you need right away. Click on the tabs below.

How to Connect Your iTerminal Card Reader, PIN Pad or Printer Equipment

MagTek Dynamg Card Reader

For detailed instructions and images, please review the iTerminal User Guide.

MagTek® Card Reader:

  • Connect the USB cable to an available USB port on your computer.
  • Within a few moments, a green light should appear on the card reader to indicate the device is properly recognized.

NBS® 7100 PIN Pad:

NBS 7100 PIN Pad
  • Connect the USB cable and plug into an available USB port on your computer.
  • Within a few moments, the PIN pad screen will light up and display either "Welcome" or "Left Arrow".
  • Install the USB PIN pad software driver. The driver sets up a virtual COM port for iTerminal to communicate with the device, which can be verified in your computer's Device Manager.
  • The PIN pad must be configured and tested within iTerminal. For step-by-step instructions or troubleshooting, please review the iTerminal User Guide (PDF).

Epson® TM-T20II Thermal Receipt Printer:

Epson T20 Printer
  • Connect the USB cable to the printer and to an available USB port on the computer.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer and then plug into an outlet.
  • Install a roll of 3-inch (80mm) thermal paper.
  • Install the software driver using the disc accompanying the printer or download it.
  • You should configure and test your printer using your web browser's Print dialog box.
  • Ensure the Epson is established as the default printer for your browser.
  • Set the paper size to Roll Paper 80x297mm.
  • Set the paper source to Page[Feed,Cut].
  • Set all margins as close to zero as possible; remove any unnecessary header and footer elements.
  • Enable the Shrink to Fit feature.
  • Add a logo image to the receipts (optional). For step-by-step instructions or troubleshooting, please review the iTerminal User Guide (PDF).

Note: Contact your account executive or a sales representative to request an additional Terminal ID if needed.

How to Log In to Your Account

How to Change Your Password

  • On the Login page, click the small Need Assistance Logging In link below the Login button.
  • On the Need Assistance page, click the Reset Your Password link in the Forgotten Password section.
  • Enter your user name and email address.
  • Click the Submit button.

Note: A temporary, single-use password will be sent to the registered email address for the user account. You'll need to establish a new password the next time you log in.

How to Process a Transaction

  • On the New Order or Gift Card menu, select the appropriate transaction type.
  • Swipe the card if you are using a card reader (credit or gift card only).
  • Click Prompt for Swipe if you're using a PIN pad (credit, debit or gift card only).
  • Click Manually Enter the Card to key in the card information (credit or gift card only).
  • Select the appropriate transaction type.
  • Enter the transaction information.
  • Click Submit.

Note: To enter purchasing or commercial card information, click the PURCHASING CARD DATA tab (credit sale and refund only).

How to Settle Your Batch

A settlement operation is used to close out the current batch of transactions and open a new batch.

  • On the Open Batch menu, click Credit Card.
  • On the Open Batch page, enter in your search criteria and click the Search button. (Open batch data is available for up to four months.)
  • On the search results page, click the Settle button to close this batch and open a new batch for logging and accumulating transactions. (All affected sales and refunds will display in summary.)
  • Click Proceed With Settlement to complete the activity.

Note: Debit and gift card transactions cannot be manually settled and will be automatically settled at 5 a.m. EST.

How to Generate a Report

The iTerminal professional payments solution offers several reports that help you view details and summaries for your transactions. Generating a report is a two-step process: first, you create either an open batch or historical report, then you go to the Reporting Section to "pick up" the reports you've created each day. You can access more of your payment processing data in our proprietary online reporting solutions.

To view detail in an open batch:

  • On the Open Batch menu, select the card type. (Open batch data is available for up to four months.)
  • Enter or select the criteria for your report
  • From the Query Type dropdown at the bottom of the page,
  • Select Generate Detail File to get a spreadsheet for Microsoft® Excel®, Generate Detail Report to get a PDF, or Summary Query to generate a card type summary.
  • Click the Search button; "Report request was successful" will display on your page in green.
  • Click the Reporting menu item to view reports that you have created.
  • Select the report and click the Retrieve Report button to begin the process of opening or saving the report document.

Note: You may need to disable any pop-up blocking features to continue, and you may have to wait for your report to finish processing and be complete before you can retrieve it.

To view detail for a closed batch (already settled):

  • On the History menu, select the card type.
  • Follow the above steps to generate and retrieve the report.

Note: Historical credit card batch data is available for up to six months.

How to Void a Transaction

Compared to processing a refund, a void allows you to cancel a transaction in your current (open) batch, which lets your customer retain their funds and can save you on transaction fees.

To void a transaction, you need to search for the specific transaction in your open batch.

  • On the main navigation menu, select the Open Batch menu and click the type of payment method used in the transaction.
  • Enter search criteria.
  • Click the Search button.
  • On the Open Batch - Detailed Transactions page that displays, select the radio button for the specific transaction.
  • Click the Void button.

How to Set Up New/Additional Users

  • To request the setup of additional users, please call iTerminal Support at 1.800.503.1132.
  • To ensure the security of your sensitive data, account verification and contact authentication will be required.

How to Locate Your Merchant Number

  • Your merchant number (Merchant ID) is located across the top-middle of the iTerminal screen above any transaction information.
  • Print a batch report, which will have your merchant number on it.
  • Your merchant number is located on the front of your merchant statement, which is always available in your online reporting application, Resource Online.

Merchant Number

How to Get Additional Help

If you need further assistance and would like help from a member of our iTerminal Support group, contact or call 1.800.503.1132.

If you have a question about fees or need general support for your existing processing account, you can call Chase Paymentech Merchant Services at 1.888.886.8869.

What is iTerminal?
You can use Chase Paymentech's iTerminal® for retail, card-present transactions and a variety of other payment management functions. It is a web-based application that lets you use a computer as a point-of-sale (POS) credit card processing terminal. All you need is a PC or laptop with an Internet connection, web browser and a supported card reader to swipe the card. For helpful hints and instructions, take a look at our iTerminal How-to Videos and Reference Guides.

What can iTerminal do for me and my business?

  • Simplifies your payments infrastructure with no need for a cash register or a dedicated telephone line
  • Enables you to access a full range of processing functions needed to process credit card transactions, including sales, refunds and voids
  • Lets you choose whether to settle batch transactions automatically at the end of each day or manually oversee the process yourself by logging into iTerminal – when and where you want
  • Empowers you to research and retrieve past transactions quickly and with ease
  • Helps to secure your payments via a protected login with multi-tiered access
  • Supports a thermal receipt printer to provide customers with standard payment receipts

What are the costs associated with using iTerminal for credit card processing?
No two businesses are the same, and your merchant agreement will be customized based on your specific needs. Eligible new accounts may qualify for a free iTerminal*.

Does iTerminal offer fraud-detection services?
Yes. iTerminal supports the Address Verification System (AVS), as well as Visa® and MasterCard® Card Verification Values (CVSV, CVC2) and both American Express® and Discover® Card Identification (CID).

  • Address Verification Service – lets you enter a customer's billing address and compare with the address on file with the credit card company.
  • Card Verification Data – a verification process that utilizes a three or four-digit code printed on card; used when authorizing credit card transactions where the physical card is not present.

Can I process purchasing cards?
Yes. You can process purchasing cards with Level II data. Watch a short how-to video to learn more about using iTerminal.

Can I issue refunds through iTerminal?
Yes. On the New Order menu, select the Credit Refund or Debit Refund option, enter the required data and then click the Submit button. Watch a short how-to video to learn more about using iTerminal.

Can I use iTerminal outside my office – at a tradeshow, for example?
Yes. You can access iTerminal anywhere you have a secure Internet connection and a web browser. However, you will need a supported card reader to swipe cards.

How far back can I search in iTerminal?
iTerminal stores all transaction history for six months. You can look up items by card account number, your invoice number and/or a date range. Searches can be done at the batch or transaction level.

Are my merchant statements available from iTerminal?
You can use iTerminal to retrieve batch totals and the details of transactions within each batch. The transaction history function can be an invaluable tool to assist in customer service. Reports containing financial and settlement information, including statements, are not available from iTerminal, but can be accessed using the reporting tool for your merchant account. For more information on reporting, contact Customer Support.

Does iTerminal support any other payment processors?
This service is a proprietary system of Chase Paymentech and is only available to our merchant base. If you are currently using another payment processor, you will need to establish a merchant account with Chase Paymentech in order to use iTerminal. Contact Sales to learn more about switching.

If I have an existing merchant account with Chase Paymentech, can my company be set up to use iTerminal or must I establish a new merchant ID?
In some cases, we can use your existing merchant numbers to set up your access to iTerminal. In other cases, however, new identification numbers are needed. If you are an existing merchant, please contact Customer Support to find out.

How long does it take to set up iTerminal?
After your merchant account is approved and set up, iTerminal is normally activated within 48 hours. Contact Sales for more information about establishing an account.

Is the system available for use anytime?
Yes. The system is available on a 24/7 basis. The iTerminal system has an automatic time-out feature, based on 15 minutes of inactivity, to help reduce the risk of unauthorized use of the system. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be required to log back into the system in order to perform an activity. This is an industry-standard, required security feature to help protect your merchant and cardholder data.

Can I have multiple iTerminal accounts?
Yes. Each account represents one merchant identification number. As such, you may have multiple iTerminal accounts established, with each account set up for an individual merchant identification number. iTerminal also allows for multiple terminals so you may maintain separate batches.

Does the terminal capture items that will then be charged to a cardholder?
Yes. If you only authorize an item, you will need to complete it with a Prior Authorization. Otherwise, your transactions will be captured in the batch for processing.

Do I have to close out the terminal every day?
Yes, the batches must be settled every day using one of the following options: you may log in daily and settle all batches manually, or at the time of setup, Chase Paymentech can establish an auto-settle option for you. Under this option, we will automatically settle open batches at a pre-scheduled time every day. You can then select this auto-settle time during the application process and it will automatically close out every day for you.

Does the system report activity by user account?
Yes, iTerminal allows you to search and generate transaction or batch reports based on user account.

How do I perform a sale?
After logging in, you will be presented with a New Order screen where you can process a sale, pre-authorization, prior authorization or card verify. Watch a short how-to video to learn more about using iTerminal.

How do I charge a cardholder?
Charging a cardholder's account requires two events: first, you must authorize the transaction, and then you must settle open batches. iTerminal enables you to perform each of these steps as individual processes, or they can be consolidated into a single auto-settle process. When set up this way, you only need enter the transaction and iTerminal does the rest. All items that are captured in the batch will then be released for cardholder billing.

If I make an error entering data, how do I correct it?
If you have completed the transaction, you can use the Void feature to reverse the transaction within the open batch, or perform a refund for transactions that have been settled. Watch a short how-to video to learn more about using iTerminal.

If I have a question, where do I go for support?
A staffed support center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the time of setup, you'll be provided a toll-free number and an email address to contact for all support questions. You can also contact Customer Support at any time.

* Receipt of free equipment is contingent upon the execution of a Merchant Application and Agreement with Chase Paymentech. Early termination of the Merchant Agreement may require the repayment of all or a prorated portion of the free equipment's value.

The products and services found on are intended for approved U.S. merchants only and comparable products and services may not be available for non-U.S. merchants. For information on non-U.S. products and services, please visit our other sites at and All U.S. merchant services are provided by Paymentech, LLC ("Chase Paymentech"), a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.