Merchant Services


Looking for fast, secure and affordable payment processing at Internet speeds?


Look no further than NetConnect, the latest innovation for retailers from Chase Paymentech. Process and authorize payment transactions at the same high speeds that are available for e-mail and Web, while utilizing Chase Paymentech's state-of-the-art processing services. NetConnect enables merchants with high-speed connectivity to safely process point-of-sale transactions via the Internet, eliminating the expense of a dedicated line and the time-consuming dialup process.

  • Advanced security - Chase Paymentech authenticates every single transaction and requires them to be encrypted using the industry-standard SSL protocol. NetConnect's built-in security features make it a powerful tool against hackers who steal merchant ID numbers and use them to make fraudulent card refunds. NetConnect also provides all merchants a username and password to prevent unauthorized transactions, including refunds, from being processed against their merchant account.
  • Affordable - NetConnect is vastly more affordable than frame relay connections, offering a real-world alternative for small and mid-size merchants. Because it utilizes Internet connections such as a digital subscriber line (DSL), NetConnect allows merchants to free up valuable telephone lines and continue to take calls and send faxes while they are processing transactions.
  • Simple Setup - NetConnect doesn't require any additional hardware, and you may already be using NetConnect-certified software such as Go Software PCCharge, Intrix Supercharge and Positouch via Transaction Plus. If not, we can provide the actual specifications at your request.

If you are a current Chase Paymentech customer, please contact your Relationship Manager for more information about NetConnect. If you are not a current customer, please contact us.