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Chase Paymentech is an industry leader in payment processing.

Learn why iQmetrix customers choose Chase Paymentech:

  • Free Virtual Terminal (US merchants only)
  • No long-term contract1 (US merchants only)
  • Competitive pricing for iQmetrix merchants
  • Seamless integration into your iQmetrix software
  • Robust fraud prevention and online reporting tools

We'll lower your payment processing costs or give you $300.2

With an offer to beat your current processing costs or give you $300, what are you waiting for? Call us at 214.849.3665 or 888.849.8982 to see how much your business could save today.

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Merchants are required to complete and application and agree to terms and conditions at the time of enrollment. All merchants are subject to credit approval. Merchant services provided by Paymentech, LLC ("Chase Paymentech"), a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A..

1Certain restrictions may apply. Not all merchants may qualify for No Long-Term Contract, such as merchants who: require processing capabilities in multiple currencies, process over $5 million in annual credit/debit card sales or have certain software or connectivity requirements. Qualifying merchants may terminate their contract at any time by providing 30 days' written notice. Merchants who received a promotional consideration from Chase Paymentech may be required to repay all or a pro-rated portion of the value of such promotional consideration if the contract is terminated within the first 24 months. Merchants who do not qualify for the No Long-Term Contract may be subject to additional terms and conditions, including a defined initial term and early termination fees. Talk to a Chase Paymentech Representative for more details.

2To request a Beat cost comparison, provide Chase Paymentech with at least three (3) months of your most recent MasterCard® and Visa® merchant processing statements. The cost comparison will be based on a calculation of the overall cost for comparable services, as determined by the processing statements you provide, and will exclude all one time fees. If Chase Paymentech cannot beat your overall processing costs, Chase Paymentech will notify you and will pay you $300 within 60 days of such notification. Limit one payment per merchant (as determined by merchant’s tax ID). These merchants are not eligible for the Beat offer: Non US Merchants; Merchants that are not approved by Chase Paymentech’s credit policy; Merchants currently processing with Chase Paymentech, PayPal™ or Square™; Merchants that have participated in a similar offer with, or otherwise requested a cost comparison from, Chase Paymentech within the past 12 months; or Merchants currently participating in a merchant services program designed specifically for franchisees, trade associations or member associations. This Beat offer expires December 31, 2014. All merchant services are provided by Paymentech, LLC (“Chase Paymentech"), a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Payments under the Beat offer may be considered taxable income and reportable on IRS Form 1099-MISC. Merchant is responsible for all applicable taxes.