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Information is power – you can use your payment processing data to keep tabs on your business, identify trends and streamline operations. That's why we offer secure, customizable online reporting tools. As a Chase Paymentech merchant, you'll receive access to either Resource Online or Paymentech Online, depending on how your business processes. And whether you have one shop, a fleet or a multi-channel chain, you can take advantage of our supplementary data management programs.

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Resource Online

Resource Online's comprehensive suite of reporting tools keeps all your payment processing data at your fingertips. Resource Online is designed to meet the specific needs of your business, containing a variety of reports, modules and tools that can help you manage your cash flow and identify potentially fraudulent activity.

Mobile Dashboard

With the Mobile Dashboard, you don't need to be at your business all day to stay on top of it all. Now you can have access to daily transactions, settlement and funding overviews, sales trends and more – and the details are available with a simple tap. All Chase merchants can access their Mobile Dashboard on a supported tablet.

Paymentech Online

Paymentech Online provides web-based access to the information your business needs. In one single solution, you get virtually instant access to your transaction data, advanced reporting, an online chargeback management interface and optional fraud management tools. Use the data within Paymentech Online to improve your bottom line and make more informed decisions about your payments processing now and in the future.

Online Chargeback Management

Reduce the effort and time it takes to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests. Our web interface is accessible through Resource Online and Paymentech Online. It lets you accept or reject chargebacks, upload supporting documents or assign cases to your chargeback analyst. Plus, you can track the status of all chargebacks and measure the efficiency of your chargeback processes and personnel.