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Safetech Page Encryption

Secure Web-based Card Payments with Tokenization

SafetechSM Page Encryption may help you reduce the burden of managing cardholder data security. Safetech Page Encryption securely captures data in your customer's browser, so that it never has to enter your network. Then, after obtaining authorization from the payment networks, Chase Paymentech's Safetech Tokenization replaces cardholder data with a token (a value that cannot be converted back to card or account information within your network)1.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Secure customer payment data throughout the payment cycle
  • Potentially reduce the cost and burden of PCI compliance
  • Minimize modifications to existing software and databases
  • Fully control your brand and website throughout the checkout process

Page encryption and tokenization work in conjunction to protect cardholder data when in motion and at rest, two key considerations that may help to reduce your Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope and minimize costs related to maintaining compliance with PCI standards.

Simplify and Streamline Payment Acceptance

Safetech Page Encryption often requires minimal modifications to your existing software and databases prior to deployment.

In addition, rather than sending purchasers to a third-party site for encryption, our solution enables you to maintain control of your brand throughout the purchasing experience.

Used together, Safetech Page Encryption and Safetech Tokenization may help you reduce the cost and burden of managing cardholder data and meeting PCI compliance standards.

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1You may be able to use Safetech Tokenization as a standalone solution.