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Help Using Chase Mobile Checkout on a Tablet

Chase Checkout Tablet

Have questions about Chase Mobile Checkout on a tablet? Check out our short how-to videos, FAQs and reference guides, and get the answers you need right away. Click on the tabs below.

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How to Get Set Up for Chase Mobile Checkout

  • Make sure you have a supported tablet model and operating system (OS).
  • Contact the Chase Mobile Checkout Sales team at 1.800.365.6616 to set up your merchant services account and request the shipment of a card reader device. Once your account is set up, you'll receive separate emails containing your user name and your password.
  • Download the Chase Mobile Checkout application.
  • Connect the credit card reader you received from Chase Paymentech to your tablet.
  • Open the application on your tablet, and log in with the user name and password provided by Chase Paymentech via email. Some additional steps may be required to authenticate your account.

How to Use the Credit Card Reader

  • Unfold the audio plug on the reader, select the rubber stabilizer that best fits your tablet and insert the stabilizer into the slot on the card reader. Place the reader with the stabilizer on the tablet and insert the audio plug into your tablet's audio jack. Make sure the plug is inserted all of the way until it clicks.
  • If you're using the Apple® iOS operating system version 7 or higher, when you launch the app for the first time, it will prompt you to enable access to your microphone port. This is necessary to swipe cards properly.
  • When the Chase Mobile Checkout application is opened to the card entry screen, ensure the tablet's audio is set to the maximum volume. The reader's indicator light will turn green to let you know that the reader is sufficiently charged and ready to swipe.
  • When a card is swiped, the light turns off for a moment or two. Successful card swipes are indicated with a green light for two seconds. Unsuccessful card swipes are indicated with a red light for two seconds, meaning you should try again, enter the card number manually or use another payment method. On-screen messages in the app also let you know the status of your swipe.
  • The credit card reader comes with a USB cable, which should be plugged in to both the reader and a power source (such as a computer) to charge the reader's battery. When the reader is recharging, the indicator light will flash yellow and green. When the battery needs to be recharged, the indicator light will be red for two seconds.
  • The reader should be put away and charged when not in use.

How to Understand Your Login Credentials

As a Chase Mobile Checkout user, you may have access to other Chase Paymentech online tools. If so, you'll receive emails (for iTerminal, Paymentech Online or Resource Online) that provide more information about those solutions and how to access them. Your login credentials should be identical for all of your user accounts.

iTerminal allows you to use a computer to process card-present payments through a browser-based application, using a supported standard PC card reader.

Our reporting solutions, Paymentech Online and Resource Online, let you use your computer to accesspayment processing data and reports via a web browser. Small business users also get access to the Instant Dashboard – immediately view your daily sales and settlement figures with your electronic statement only a click away.

Individual user access is determined by your merchant account administrator.

How to Configure Chase Mobile Checkout Settings

In the Chase Mobile Checkout app's User Preferences section:

  • You can change various transaction settings, such as:
    • Adding reference numbers to your transactions
    • Enabling the prompting of card verification codes
    • Setting up tax rates or tip percentages
    • Turning on discounts
    • Changing the nickname that displays on the signature screen
    • Configuring electronic merchant receipt settings
    • Setting sales goal alerts for number of transactions or sales amounts
    • Updating the product catalog
    • Customizing the default screen and background

These settings are specific to a particular device, not the user's online account.

How to Process a Transaction on Your Tablet

  • Enter the sale amount.
  • Tap Continue or Checkout (depending on your device).
  • Swipe the card through the reader and/or enter the cardholder account information using your device's keypad. Tap Continue.
  • Present the tablet to the customer, who should enter additional detail and then use either a stylus or their finger to sign for the transaction. After signing, the customer can hand the device back to you.
  • Tap Authorize to finish and a confirmation screen displays.
  • A final confirmation screen displays after the receipt has been sent.

How to Navigate the Chase Mobile Checkout Tablet App

On the Log On screen:

  • In the New to Checkout? panel, tap the Sign Up button if you still need to establish a payment processing relationship with Chase.
  • The Test Drive button opens a demo interface for Chase Mobile Checkout, with graphical text overlays. Tap the X in the corner of the screen to exit the Test Drive.
  • Tap the Show More button to expand the New to Checkout? panel.
  • In the Tools area, the Learn option shows you several educational articles, with embedded videos. Tap the Back button to return to the Log On screen.
  • If you process in the U.S. and your mobile device's location services are enabled, you can tap the ATM/Branch Locator button to find the nearest Chase banking facilities.
  • In the Information area, the Contact Us button provides telephone numbers for both sales and customer service.
  • Tap the About Us button to review the privacy policy, license agreement and other information about Chase.
  • In the corner of each screen, you can tap the i icon to open an Information dialog box and review important details about this version of the Chase Mobile Checkout app.

Once you've logged in to Chase Mobile Checkout:

  • On the Sale screen, tap the Shopping Cart icon to open the Catalog Sale screen.
  • The navigation menu on the left side of the screen icons to help you quickly access critical screens.
  • Tap the Payments icon to open the Quick Sale screen.
  • Tap the Reports icon to open your Dashboard.
  • Tap the Tools icon to open the ATM/Branch Locator (U.S. only).
  • Tap the Learn icon to view the articles and how-to videos in the Learn section.
  • Tap the More icon to view the About Us section.
  • Tap the Alerts Manager icon to open a Notifications panel.
  • Tap the User Preferences icon at the bottom of the menu to open up your device settings, where you turn features on and off, set alerts and modify how the app displays.
  • Below that is your app's Logout button. To help keep your information secure, you should always log out of Chase Mobile Checkout when you're not using it – you'll be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Tap the Show More button to expand the navigation menu, displaying names for each of the icons. Tap the name to view sub-menus for additional transaction types, available reports and a calculator.

How to Manage Your Product Catalog

The product catalog lets you create listings for popular items, to make it easier to ring up recurring sales by tapping the images. The product catalog is specific to a particular device.

  • To access your product catalog, tap the Shopping Cart icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • To add an item to the catalog, tap the Plus Sign (+) button.
  • In the Create Item dialog, you can enter a name for your item, a price, some additional details and a description.
  • Tap the Camera icon to select whether to take a picture of your item or to select an image from your mobile device's photo library.
  • Tap Save when you're finished, and the item will be available in your product catalog.
  • Icons across the top of the catalog make it easier for you to search through your listings, filtering by category or favorites, changing the way the items display or searching by keyword.
  • If you ever need to change a listing, just tap it to open and either make an edit or tap Delete Item to remove it entirely.

How to Use the Mobile Dashboard to Review Your Account Data

To view your payment processing account data using the Mobile Dashboard:

  • Select the Reports Dashboard icon in the left menu bar.
  • Each Dashboard widget shows a high-level list or graph. Tap the widget to view additional detail, and then tap the Dashboard button in the top-left corner to return to the Dashboard.
  • In the top-right corner, you can tap the Customize Dashboard icon to show, hide or rearrange your widgets by dragging them around. Tap Save when you're finished.
  • You can also tap the Share icon to send an image of your Dashboard in an email.
  • Today's Transactions lists the time, payment brand and amount of each transaction you submitted today.
  • The Sales Trends widget features a bar graph of your sales totals for each day, across a week.
  • Settlement Overview displays closed batch figures.
  • The Funding Overview widget shows a complete listing of funding events and account fees.
  • The Chargebacks widget lists chargebacks currently in process.
  • Fees is a list of all fees assessed to your account over the past month.

To request changes to user access, your merchant account administrator must call Customer Service.

How to Void a Transaction or Process a Refund Using Your Tablet

Voids are intended to allow you to "undo" a transaction, in the event of a customer accidentally being undercharged, overcharged or changing their mind. Voids attempt to release the hold on the customer's card and can only be performed on transactions that have not been batched and submitted for processing.

A refund allows you to return all or a portion of a transaction amount to the cardholder and should be performed on transactions that have been batched and submitted for processing. Chase Mobile Checkout understands the differences between a void and refund, and therefore, the options that display on-screen are flexible based on the transaction and amount.

To look up and select a previous transaction to perform a refund/void:

  • Tap the Chart icon to open your Reporting Dashboard.
  • Tap the Today's Transactions widget to open the Transaction Summary screen.
  • Select the appropriate item in the Transactions list. If you don't see it, tap the Magnifying Glass icon to open the Transaction Search screen.
  • You can select a date range, or search using other criteria. If you use the Calendar feature to select a different Start Date and End Date, make sure you tap the Done button, or the dates will revert back to default.
  • Tap the Search button, and a new list of transactions displays to the right. Tap the listing to view the Transaction Detail.
  • If the transaction is in your open batch, tap Void to prevent the transaction from being submitted for payment.
  • For transactions that have already been submitted for payment, tap Refund to issue a credit to the cardholder.
  • A pop-up window automatically displays the total transaction amount, which you can modify it you'd like to remit a partial refund. Tap Refund when you're finished.
  • Present the tablet to the customer for a signature and digital receipt information.
  • After the customer has given you back the tablet, tap Authorize.

To initiate a refund transaction:

  • Tap the little arrow in the middle of the navigation menu, to expand it.
  • If necessary, tap Payments to view additional transaction types, and then tap Refund.
  • On the Refund screen, tap the Enter Refund Amount field, enter the amount to be refunded using the keypad and tap Done to close the keypad. Tap Refund to move forward.
  • Swipe or enter the card details, and tap Checkout.
  • Present the tablet to the customer for his signature and digital receipt information.
  • Tap Authorize and complete the standard transaction process.

How to Set Up New/Additional Users

  • To request the setup of additional users, please call Chase Mobile Checkout Support at 1.866.428.4967.
  • To ensure the security of your sensitive data, this can only be completed by the account contact Chase Paymentech has on record.

How to Get Help

If you are having technical trouble and would like help from a member of our Chase Mobile Checkout Support team, call 1.866.428.4967.

If you have a question about fees or need general support for your existing processing account, you can call Chase Paymentech Merchant Services at 1.888.886.8869.

What is Chase Mobile Checkout?

Chase Mobile Checkout helps business owners increase their sales by allowing them to process credit, signature debit and gift card transactions on a mobile device. Users may also:

  • create a catalog with item descriptions and images
  • email or text digital receipts
  • refund and void transactions
  • search for specific transactions
  • review sales and settlement information

How do I start using Chase Mobile Checkout?

Chase Mobile Checkout is a credit card acceptance app for Apple® and Android mobile devices. Business owners need to do three things to use the service:

  • Work with a sales representative to sign up for a Chase Paymentech credit card processing account and order a Chase Mobile Checkout card reader.
  • Download the Chase Mobile Checkout application from either the Apple App StoreSM or the Google Play Store.
  • After you receive the card reader from Chase Paymentech, you should attach it to your mobile device.

Watch the Chase Mobile Checkout how-to video series to learn more.

Why should I use Chase Mobile Checkout?

Chase Mobile Checkout allows businesses to accept credit, signature debit and gift card payments on a smartphone or tablet. You can now accept payments on the go, offered and supported by a brand you and your customers can trust. And, if you'd like to discuss taking payments using a countertop terminal or ecommerce web page, we can help with that too.

What is included with Chase Mobile Checkout?

Chase Mobile Checkout offers basic payment transaction processing with select reports through your mobile device. In addition, you receive access to one of our online financial management tools, Resource Online or Paymentech Online, to view account detail using your computer. The service works in conjunction with other Chase

Paymentech solutions so that all your transactions, statements and reports are in one place. Chase Mobile Checkout also includes Chase Paymentech's iTerminal® software for point-of-sale transaction processing on your business desktop or laptop. Contact us to discuss purchasing an iTerminal-compatible card reader or receipt printer for your computer.

What kind of payments can I accept with Chase Mobile Checkout?

Businesses are able to accept credit, signature debit and gift cards with Chase Mobile Checkout via card swipe and manual entry. Prior authorization can be submitted using iTerminal – for example, if you have to call in for a voice authorization, you would log in to the iTerminal portal, select Credit Sale from the New Order menu, select the Prior Authorization transaction type and enter the approval code in the Authorization # field. Watch the iTerminal how-to video series to learn more.

Will I be able to process transactions outside of the United States?

Chase Mobile Checkout is available for U.S. businesses only. Additionally, the mobile device must be located within the U.S. when accepting payment from the customer and submitting the transaction to Chase Paymentech for processing.

What payment methods does Chase Mobile Checkout support?

Merchants with the appropriate agreements in place can use Chase Mobile Checkout to accept American Express®, MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, JCB® and gift cards.

What mobile devices does Chase Mobile Checkout support?

Chase Mobile Checkout works on an Apple iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® running on iOS version 6.0 or higher. It also supports various Android phones, including HTC, LG®, Motorola and Samsung models. For more detail, review the full list of supported devices and models.

Is Chase Mobile Checkout secure?

Yes, the card reader encrypts the cardholder data upon swipe and the data remains encrypted during transmission to Chase Paymentech.

What if I want to use more than one card reader on my account?

During the setup process, you can specify the number of card readers and accounts you'll need. If your needs change, you can call 1.866.428.4967 to purchase more card readers.

What do I do if my mobile device or card reader gets lost or stolen?

You should always use a password to protect your smartphone or tablet, especially if you're using it to accept payments or view your processing data. If your device is lost or stolen, contact your mobile carrier to discuss disabling it or your cellular account. If your card reader is lost or stolen, contact Chase Paymentech at 1.866.428.4967 to deactivate your credentials, set up new account information and purchase additional card readers.

Do I have to have a network connection to process transactions?

Yes. You will need to have access to a cellular or Wi-Fi® network to process transactions. The card reader will also need to be plugged in to your audio jack, with access to the microphone enabled. Additionally, location services must be enabled on your mobile device to process transactions and to use the Chase branch/ATM location feature.

Am I able to open other apps or make calls on my device while I have the Chase Mobile Checkout app open?

For security purposes, you cannot use some of the other features on your phone or tablet (such as making phone calls or opening other apps) while using the Chase Mobile Checkout app. In order to keep your account data safe, Chase Mobile Checkout will close and you will have to log in again if you access these other features while trying to process a transaction.

Can I use my Chase Mobile Checkout card reader with iTerminal?

No. The Chase Mobile Checkout card reader is only for use with your mobile device. You cannot use it with a computer-based credit card processing application. Contact us to discuss purchasing an iTerminal-compatible card reader or receipt printer for your computer.

Can I log in to my Chase Mobile Checkout account from multiple devices? When I am set up, my sales representative requires a phone number. Does the phone number I give during setup make it so I have to use only that device?

To get your device configured during setup, we'll need to send a text message to the mobile phone number we have on file for your user account.

You can log in to Chase Mobile Checkout from multiple devices, though each one will need to be registered for each specific user account. For tracking purposes, each user should have his own user name, but devices and card readers can be shared by your employees.

Keep in mind:

  • As a business owner, you should have one reader for every user.
  • Readers can be used interchangeably between your staff.
  • Users can use multiple mobile devices with a single reader.
  • Each user must have a unique email address.
  • You need an active email account and mobile number for each user.
  • Chase Mobile Checkout app settings and product catalogs are specific to each mobile device.

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