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Either way, you can securely manage online, mail, and phone orders from your computer and make every payment count.

  • Accept payments online, through mail or over the phone
  • Expand payment options as your business grows
  • Get support when you need it with 24-hour, U.S.-based technical help

Small Business Pricing

For pricing details, please call 800-708-3740.

  • Enhance security by avoiding the need to store cardholder data
  • Customize payment acceptance settings like settlement time, payment types and value-added features of the Orbital suite of services
  • Conduct detailed analysis by generating sales and settlement activity reports, which can be exported to supplementary reporting tools

National Pricing

For pricing details, please call 800-708-3740.


Chase Online Checkout
Monthly Fee Discount Rate1 +
Authorization Fees
Qualified Tier
Discount Rate1 +
Authorization Fees
Mid-Qualified Tier
Discount Rate1 +
Authorization Fees
Non-Qualified Tier
$9.95 1.99% + 25¢ Not
3.76% + 25¢ Waived $25

Chase Online Checkout requires the Chase Paymentech Virtual Terminal, and a Chase Paymentech Merchant Account. Merchants are required to complete and application and agree to terms and conditions at the time of enrollment. All merchants are subject to credit approval.

The chart above sets forth the primary fees for the Chase Retail Checkout and Chase Mobile Checkout Bundle solution. However, additional fees do apply. The Discount Rates listed are for credit and signature debit transactions submitted through the Chase Retail Checkout and Chase Mobile Checkout Bundle solution. If you also accept PIN-debit cards, each PIN-debit transaction will be assessed the applicable PIN-debit network rates and fees (rather than one of the Discount Rates), plus a 25¢ authorization fee. A Pricing Schedule will be provided to you during the application process. All fees are subject to change in accordance with the terms of your Merchant Agreement. If you have any questions about fees, contact a Chase Paymentech sales representative.

1Discount Rate Tiers. Transactions are grouped into three categories for the purpose of determining the applicable Discount Rate. How a particular transaction is categorized depends on various factors, such as: the method of acceptance (e.g. swiped vs. hand keyed), the type of card, your industry, and how soon you submit transactions for settlement after they occur.
2Monthly Minimum. If your total transaction fees during a billing month are less than the Monthly Minimum, your account will be debited for the difference. Please note, the Monthly Fee and Setup Fee do not count toward the Monthly Minimum.

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Collect credit card orders from your site, by phone, or via mail, then log onto Orbital Virtual Terminal on your computer. From there, you can initiate card authorizations, settlements or refunds. Since your computer becomes a credit card machine, managing payments is fast and easy.

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